The Salt mine

The Salt Mine Berchtesgaden has been in uninterrupted operation since 1517. Salt deposits are proven to be up to 300 m below the valley floor in the area of the Salt Mine. Salt does not occur in a pure form, but rather, is encased in the “Haselgebirge”. This composite rock contains an average of 50% salt. It is released from the mountain with the aid of freshwater using a “wet mining” method.


Salt mining from the Haselgebirge

At five mining levels, 20 state of the art so called mud-flush drilling plants are in operation. Approx. 900,000 m³ of brine are extracted per annum. 2.000 m³ of freshwater are required for this each day. The Salt Mine employs approx. 100 employees. Half of these work underground.