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This is how your experience in the Berchtesgaden salt mine starts.

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Good luck in the salt mines of Salzbergwerk!

The mine railway offers you the opportunity to enter the mine gallery comfortably and safely and explore the impressive dimensions of life underground. Learn more about one of the highlights of our visitor tour.

This is how the mine railway in the Berchtesgaden salt mine was built

The Berchtesgaden salt mine has a long and impressive history. In 1628, the Ferdinand tunnel was cut to start extracting salt. At that time, everything was manual labour, and it was a huge achievement to advance about 6 cm a day. It took about 30 years to completely finish the 650-metre-long tunnel.

In the course of time, the tunnel was renovated several times. It was partially walled off and provided with tracks to facilitate the transport of materials and salt. This progress laid the foundation for the introduction of a mine railway in the Berchtesgaden salt mine.

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A convenient and safe way into the mine

The salt mine gallery has been open to visitors since 1840.At the beginning, the way into the mountain was still on foot. In 1911, the funicular (cable railway) was put into operation, which remained in service for 85 years. It was possible to carry 24 people per train with the funicular.

In 1996, the funicular was replaced by more modern diesel locomotives. From 2003, the diesel locomotives began to be replaced by more environmentally friendly electrically powered railways. On our current trains we can transport 50 people per entry to the mountain.

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