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What would a show mine be without a miner's slide? There are two of them here in the Berchtesgaden salt mine. The first slide descends around 34 metres into the Kaiser Franz sink work. The second slide takes you directly to the sparkling mirror lake and is 40 metres long.

What’s a miners’ slide?

Miners' slides used to be used by miners to get quickly to the lower levels (so-called levels) of the mine. So the slides are not to be compared with conventional amusement park slides.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, miners' slides were used to transport materials in inclined shafts. The slide holders were used to pull up or lower mine carts with tools, salt rock and the residues produced during mining. A winch was installed at the end of the chute. The miners drove the rope winch. As a result, the rope was used to pull heavy objects up the slide via the inclined slide of the mine cars. The drive wheel had a diameter of 80 cm. Since 1925, the pit cages have taken over this task with the help of electric hoisting machines.

Active miner on the slide underground
This is what you should pay attention to

Clothes for
your safety

Before your tour, you will receive an overall. This is not only to prevent you from damaging your clothes when sliding, but also for your safety. Please make sure that the coverall is also properly closed when sliding.

Would you like to take a slide instead?
No problem. Alternatively, you can take a walkway and stairs.

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