The Mirror Lake

A fascinating underground salt lake in the Berchtesgaden salt mine.

Family on the raft trip across the Spiegelsee lake

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The Spiegelsee lake is 100 metres long, 40 metres wide, up to two metres deep and is 130 metres below the surface. The salt content of the Spiegelsee is almost as high as that of the Dead Sea.

Magical raft ride through shimmering salt crystals

An impressive raft trip across the underground lake takes you right through growing and glittering salt crystals - impressively staged with lights and spherical sounds.

Boat trip across the salt lake underground
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The mysterious phenomenon of reflection

The mirror lake owes its name to the unique property that it reflects like a perfect mirror. This phenomenon is due to the exceptional clarity of the water and the smooth surface of the lake. When the light hits the water surface, it is almost completely reflected, creating a stunning mirror image. This gives the mirror lake a mysterious and almost magical atmosphere.

Reflection at the salt lake underground
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