The Salt Experience Trail

An exciting hike around the Berchtesgaden salt mine

Hiking the salt experience trail around the Berchtesgaden salt mine

The fascinating
world of salt

On the approx. 45-minute short hike around the mine, you will not only get spectacular, life-size insights into salt mining, but also expand your knowledge.

Do you know how much salt a human body contains?

These and many more questions and answers await you at a quiz on the salt terrace.

Guests taking the quiz on the roof terrace of the visitor centre

A mining tunnel more than 350 years old

The salt experience trail then takes you through a mystical mining gallery, the Moserrösche. The tunnel, which is over 350 years old and more than 100 m long, is largely unobstructed and shows the structure of a glacial moraine.

Your walk continues to the Powder Tower, where you can admire a small selection of Berchtesgaden's wooden goods. In the past, miners also earned their extra income by carving wood. 

At the end of your hike, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the Watzmann mountain. Then it's back to the starting point.

Family in the Moserr?sche tunnel on the Salt Experience Trail

Our tip for souvenir photos

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take photos during the guided tour of the salt mine. However, on the Salt Experience Trail and around the salt mine you will find the perfect photo stops with life-size miner figures or mining machines. The best conditions for taking a souvenir photo of the Berchtesgaden salt mine in peace and quiet and in good lighting conditions.

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