The Salt Experience Trail

The new SaltExperienceTrail in the Berchtesgaden salt mine! Would you like to find out more about the 500-year-old mine after your visit underground? Then you've come to the right place
by Christina Sulzauer | 16. January 2024

The Salt Experience Trail

The new Salt Experience Trail in the Berchtesgaden Salt Mine! Would you like to learn more about the 500-year-old mine after your visit underground? Then you've come to the right place.

What Awaits You?

On the 45-minute hike around the Berchtesgaden Salt Mine, you will not only gain a spectacular, immersive insight into salt mining, but you can also test what you already know about salt.

The Salt Hike Begins...

We'll start next to the outdoor ticket office of the Berchtesgaden salt mine. The Salt Experience Trail is marked by uniform blue signs. You'll walk up a short path, where you'll reach the salt terrace right away. You can test your knowledge with some fun quizzes about salt. You'll also get some fascinating insights into the active part of the salt mine through pictures and an exhibit—a real mining machine.

Through the Tunnel...

After you've had a chance to relax on the roof terrace, continue along the narrow path for about 5 to 10 minutes to the Moserrösche, a fascinating mining tunnel. The Moserrösche is about 350 years old, 100 meters long, and has some great info boards and an LED strip. As you pass through the Moserrösche, you'll not only have a special experience, but you'll also learn a lot about glacial moraines!

Up and Down the Mountain

Once you've finished exploring the Moserrösche, you'll see the blue signposts again, pointing the way to the next highlight of the SaltExperiencePath. The Powder Tower is about 15 minutes away from the Moserrösche. Just a short climb up the stairs and you can admire the selection of Berchtesgaden woodwork. In the old days, the miners earned additional income by carving wood.

All in View...

Once you've finished the trail, you'll reach the viewing platform in Berchtesgaden, which is the end of the trail. You'll get to see the stunning mountains and the market town of Berchtesgaden. You'll find all the sights depicted and numbered on a board in your exact perspective. Then it's back to the visitor center, the starting point of the Salt Experience Trail.

Why Was the Salt Experience Trail Created?

For safety reasons, our visitors aren't allowed to take pictures or videos underground. That's why we've tried to provide life-size miner figures and real mining machines as photo motifs. You're welcome to take photos of these exhibits. We really want our guests to learn a lot about salt mining and the history of the mine after they visit our salt mine. This helps them to appreciate this incredible sight even more.

What Do I Do Next?

After the walk, I recommend the Bergschänke restaurant opposite the visitor center for hungry guests. You could also take a look at the Old Salt Works in Bad Reichenhall.


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