Booking & Prices: Dinner at the Salt Mine

Dates 2023

Date  Start  
03. February Start: 18:30 End: 22:30 already sold out! 
10. March Start: 18:30 End: 22:30 already sold out! 
21. April Start: 18:30 End: 22:30 already sold out!
12. May Start: 18:30 End: 22:30  
16. June Start: 18:30 End: 22:30  
22. September Start: 18:30 End: 22:30  
20. October  Start: 18:30 End: 22:30  
10. November Start: 18:30 End: 22:30  
08. December Start: 18:30 End: 22:30  


Prices 2023 for the dinner at the Salt Mine incl. drinks: 

129,00 Euro  per adult*
  79,00 Euro per child* (up to age 16)


* The dinner at the Salt Mine can only be reserved for individual guests and for groups of up to 19 people. For groups of over 20 people, we will send an individual proposal to you for your requested date. Further information can be found here.


It is easy to access our new online ticket shop and buy a ticket for dinner at Berchtesgaden Salt Mine. Your dinner ticket with your receipt will be sent directly to you by email.

Or complete our application form. We will then send you your voucher with our invoice requesting prompt payment.

To purchase a ticket, you must select a date. This date may be changed up to 4 days before the reserved dinner date in exceptional cases.

Please also note that the Restaurant Bergschänke only opens half an hour before start of service in the winter season.