5 Tips
on How to Use Your Time Wisely

It's the weekend, it's raining and you're planning an outing with your family or friends? Well, then The Berchtesgaden salt mine is gonna be the perfect destination – regardless of the weather conditions and an unforgettable experience for people of all ages. To avoid long queues at the ticket office, and to be able to take part in the tour of your choice straight away, you can easily buy tickets online. You can then open the ticket on your smartphone or PC and either print it out or scan it as a PDF at the turnstile in the salt mine. So you only have to be there about 10 minutes before the tour starts and your visit begins.

However, if you don't have the opportunity to buy tickets online, you can simply go to the box office and buy your tickets there. Waiting times are not given, but unfortunately even we ourselves cannot say in advance exactly how many visitors will decide to visit our mine on any given day. With as many guided tours as possible, we try to coordinate your visit to be as light-hearted as possible.

But what do you do if the ticket office is telling you, that the next free guided tour will only start in, say, two hours?

First things first: You definitely don't have to stand in front of the ticket office and wait for your tour to start! You can do something else until 10 minutes before the tour starts and then come back to the salt mine. The following tips for bridging waiting times are only a part of countless sights in Berchtesgaden:

tip no 1

The Creek in Front of Our Visitor Entrance

When the weather is nice, the creek in front of our visitor entrance is the perfect place to cool off. It is not suitable for swimming, but you can walk through the shore barefoot and relax during your queue time.

Duration: at least 20 minutes

tip no 2

A hike to the viewing platform

Berchtesgaden is known for its breathtaking nature and unique mountain world. When the weather is nice, numerous hiking trails around the salt mine are waiting to be discovered by you. My tip is the hike to the viewing platform along the Salt Experience Trail or to hike along the brine pipeline trail (about an hour).

Duration: The Salt Experience Trail takes about 30 minutes

tip no 3

Grassl Gentian Distillery

Experience gentian! During a free visit to Germany's oldest gentian distillery, you will learn everything about the production of the popular “Grassl Gebirg- Enzian”. Alongside our Bad Reichenhall salt, this is a real landmark of Berchtesgaden.

By the way:Here you can also try the 1517 Miners Gin, which is matured in our salt mine.

Duration: At least an hour

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tip no 4

The Centre
of Berchtesgaden

You can reach the centre of Berchtesgaden in about 20 minutes on foot.The path leads via the historic Nonntal directly into the market town of Berchtesgaden, with its historic buildings, numerous shops and restaurants that invite you to linger.In winter, the Advent market in the centre is another sight you should not miss.

Duration: at least an hour

tip no 5

The House of Mountains

The House of Mountains is the National Park Centre in Berchtesgaden. Here, you will experience a 17,000 m² combination of information centre, education centre and outdoor area. The perfect destination, even in bad weather.

Duration: about three hours

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Glückauf! - Good luck and see you soon in the Berchtesgaden Salt Mine!⚒