Unique Marriage Proposal

How the dinner visit to the Berchtesgaden salt mine became an experience Stephanie and Jürgen will never forget.
by Christina Brandmayer | 31. July 2018

An Evening For Eternity

When I recently scrolled through our Facebook comments under a Spiegelsee post, one comment immediately caught my eye:

"That's where I got the marriage proposal from my husband!" wrote one of our Facebook fans.

This is probably one of the most unique and extraordinary marriage proposals I have ever heard of. In the middle of an underground salt lake, 650 meters deep in a mine. I decided to write them a message and ask Stephanie and Jürgen to tell us more about their memories of this special day. I soon received a reply.

Today, Stephanie and Jürgen tell us all about their dinner in the Berchtesgaden Salt Mine and how it became an evening they will remember for the rest of their lives.

How long have you two been together?

We got together on November 16, 2005. The wedding proposal and dinner took place on Novermber 16, 2012. We got married exactly one year later.

How Did Your Husband Think of This Idea?

He had always been fascinated of the Mirror Lake and the Mine, and found the atmosphere simply wonderful. A small lake in the middle of the mine, us on the boat, first the guided tour and a delicious meal, and then a great end to the evening.

Was It Your First Time Visiting a Salt Mine?

Yes, it was both our first time in the salt mine. I hope we get the chance again. We both raved about it so much, that we gifted the dinner to Jürgen's parents as a present. They were thrilled about it, too, and told everyone how nice it was.

Stephanie, Were You Suspicious or Did You Expect Something?

Months before, I once thought that I would be proposed to because I attach a lot of importance to the date of our anniversary and since November 16, 2013 did also fall on a Saturday of all days (ideal for a wedding), I would have thought him capable of it, but that was actually forgotten straight away.

The anniversary was approaching and I really wanted to go on a great trip with him, but he was totally weird, atypical because our anniversary is actually sacred to us. He kept saying that we didn't have to do anything on every anniversary, let's stay at home... I was totally disappointed until the morning... He woke me up first thing in the morning and said: "Let's go, pack up and go.... Take something warm and something nice with you." I was totally gobsmacked. I was so nervous because I didn't know what to expect.

When we arrived in Berchtesgaden, I still didn't have a clue. We checked into the Alpine Hotel Kronprinz in Berchtesgaden and had a nice stroll through Berchtesgaden. We set off in the evening. When we arrived at the salt mine (I thought it was a surprise for our anniversary) we had champagne and snacks, then we got changed and the tour started. I enjoyed the evening sooooo much, we were a very small group.

When and How Did He Propose to You?

When we were just before the Mirror Lake, he suddenly got really nervous (I had no idea). "We have to sit in the back" he said the whole time (he didn't want everyone to notice). Of course, there was only space in the middle *laughs*. When the boat started to move, he got down on one knee next to me and proposed and put my anniversary ring on me. I was so overwhelmed. The water, the light show... simply unique. Afterwards, we had a toast and then a delicious meal. In the end, we spent our free time sliding and breaking up rock salt.

What About This Special Place
Did You Enjoy the Most?

What we liked best was the atmosphere so deep in the mine, and the uniquely beautiful Mirror Lake.

How Did The Other Tour Guests React?

The other participants and the miner congratulated us straight away, of course.

What Was the Reaction of Your Family and Friends?

They were all completely flabbergasted, but delighted. Jürgen's parents naturally wanted to see where their son had proposed to me (they had used this as the reason for the 2013 Christmas present *laughs*).

Have You Had Your Wedding Yet?

We started planning our wedding on this unforgettable day and then actually got married a year later on our anniversary. It was a wonderful day and we both think back to Novermber 16, 2012 with great fondness. Our photo of the salt mine hangs in the entrance area where I can see it every day when I come home from work.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Stephanie and Jürgen once again for answering our questions and for attending our dinner in the salt mine. :)

We wish you all the best for the future and would be delighted if you came to visit us again at the Berchtesgaden Salt Mine.

If you would like to experience the dinner in the Berchtesgaden salt mine, you can find more information about this unique event here.

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