5 tips for your visit

To make your day in the salt mine a truly memorable one, I've put together a few valuable tips for your visit:
by Antonia Deinlein | 04. August 2019
TIP No 1

Perfect for Any Weather - Ideal in Sunshine

Our salt mine is a great place to visit no matter what the weather is like! Whether it's drizzling or bright sunshine, the salt mine is always worth a visit.

We get lots of guests from all over the world on rainy days or when the sky is overcast. That's why I recommend going to the salt mine when the weather is nice. As the guided tours aren't so tightly scheduled on fine weather days, you have more peace and quiet and space to catch your breath. Plus, the mine is always at a constant 12°C year-round, making it perfect for cooling off on hot summer days.

TIPP no 2

If You Want to Avoid the Long Lines, Buy Your Online Ticket in Advance!

We're pretty slammed from May to August, which is our summer season. On some days, the line at the ticket office can be a little longer. To avoid waiting in line, you can buy your tickets online in advance and choose your preferred entry time.

It's really easy to do this in our online ticket store. Once we've processed your payment, you'll get your ticket as a PDF in no time.

This ticket is your ticket to our salt mine and a guarantee of a pre-reserved tour at your desired time.

If you want to secure your tickets now, just click here. We look forward to your visit!

If you don't have the chance to buy your tickets in advance, you can also buy them at the ticket office whenever you want. If there's no next guided tour immediately, I'd recommend buying tickets for a later time. That way, you can use the time in between for something else, like a detour to the center of Berchtesgaden with its many strolling and shopping opportunities.

tipp no 3

The Ideal Time to Enter

In the summer months (from April to October) we are open from 09:00 to 17:00. The last guided tour starts at 17:00. I would advise you to visit the salt mine first thing in the morning at 09:00 or in the afternoon from 16:00. At these times, the number of visitors is usually limited.

tipp no 4

Which Clothes Should You Wear to the Berchtesgaden Salt Mine?

Every visitor receives an overall for their stay in our salt mine. The overalls are distributed to visitors at the checkroom and serve to protect your clothing. However, as the overalls are made of a very thin material, we advise you to wear warmer clothing. I would definitely recommend wearing a sweatshirt and long trousers. Closed shoes - e.g. sneakers - are also a must.

TIPP no 5

Smile :)

Before you head into the mine train and start your tour, our photographer will take a photo of you. You can buy the photo after the tour to remember your visit to the Salt Mine. We also take a photo at the first slide.

This can result in some funny pictures that you can happily share - or not.

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