The depiction shows the miners' everyday work, the traditional Berchtesgaden miners' guild and the underground fire brigade.Differences between then and now are shown through pictorial animations.“We know from regular surveys that our guests would like more information about the miners' everyday lives.We have responded to this,” says Maria Schwaiger, team leader in Tourism Marketing.Salt has been actively mined in the Berchtesgaden salt mine since 1517 to this day.

To make the underground experience accessible to guests from all over the world, the text of the audio guides has also been revised.Guests can now follow the tour in 17 different languages - while the tour guide reproduces the content in German.The audio guides are included in the admission price and are handed out at the beginning of the guided tour on the mine train.

With the start of the Whitsun holidays, the salt mine's new ticket office was also put into operation.In future, tickets will be sold in a new extension during the summer season.The extension with roofing has the advantage that guests are protected from rain in bad weather.Furthermore, the purchase of online tickets is recommended so that visitors have secured seats and to avoid high crowds on site.


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