500 years of active salt mining

The Berchtesgaden Salt Mine celebrates a unique birthday in 2017 - here are some facts about the visitor area


Deep under the salt mountain, the world of salt awaits visitors with a mix of tradition and modern entertainment.
The unique and centuries-old tradition of salt mining in Berchtesgaden can be experienced in exciting tours in the visitor mine, right next to the tunnels where mining has been going on for 500 years.In 2007, the Berchtesgaden Salt Mine was converted into a modern adventure mine.The popular excursion destination in the Berchtesgaden Alps thus became one of the world's most innovative salt mining experience centres.Modern audiovisual presentations, 3D animations and laser shows impressively present salt mining and its history.The tour offers young and old the familiar traditional highlights, such as the ride on the visitors' mine train, the two miners' slides and the trip on the raft across the underground salt lake.


Guided tour of the visitor mine and insights into Germany's oldest, active salt mine, light installations, sensory experiences and learning stations


Tour duration
1.5 to 2 hours including ticket purchase and changing clothes (overalls partly with light elements for underground)


Visitors per year
Approx. 370.000


Temperature below ground
+ 12 °C constant


Salt shop:150 m²
Visitor centre:600 m²
Tunnels in the entire salt mine: approx. 30 km
Route length visitor pit railway:1.400 m
Length of the first slide:34 m
Length of the second slide:40 m

Opening hours
1 May to 31 October: daily 9 AM to 5 PM*
2 November to 31 March: daily 11 AM to 3 PM*
1 April to 30 April: daily 10 AM to 3 PM*
(*last admission)

Good Friday, Whit Monday, 1 November, 24-25 December, 31 December, 1 January

Special opening hours
Christmas and Easter


Offer for school classes
Learning at stations in the "salt laboratory" for different grades


Pupils' programme “Learning at stations” combined with an underground tour of the salt mine.Teaching the basics about important physical and chemical properties of common salt.Opportunity for experiments and work on laboratory equipment
In cooperation with the University of Bayreuth.
Learning at stations consists of simple experiments that the pupils carry out independently at the stations with the help of a workbook and guidelines under the supervision of the teacher.


140 minutes (70 minutes learning at stations, 70 minutes guided tour)


Online tickets
Visitors can buy their tickets online and reserve specific entry times


Combined tickets
Price advantages by combining the visit with other excursion destinations (e.g. Old Salt Works Bad Reichenhall)


Dinner below ground
Evening guided tour with dinner underground with advance reservation


Company events
Events for companies


Healing salt tunnel
Entry with the visitor train and stay in the Healing salt tunnel (also overnight) with booking


Operations Manager
Raimund Bartl


Head of Department of Tourism
Peter Botzleiner-Reber


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