Fact sheet (latest update:March 2017)

The company

Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG, headquartered in Heilbronn, is the parent company of the SWS Group and employs a total of around 1,100 people at all its sites in the Salt, Waste Management, Logistics and Tourism business segments.

In the Heilbronn rock salt mine, the largest in Western Europe, salt has been extracted from salt layers up to 50 metres thick for over 125 years.The production capacity of the two shafts of the Heilbronn rock salt mine is just under 5 million tonnes per year.

In addition, the raw material is also used for the company's own evaporated salt production in the Bad Friedrichshall salt works .This saltworks has a capacity of around 180,000 tonnes per year.A variety of evaporated salt products are produced in various refining steps.

There is a long tradition at theBerchtesgaden salt mine, which belongs to the company. Since 1517, rock salt has been extracted here using the so-called “wet mining method”.

With around 300,000 tonnes per year, the capacity of the Bad Reichenhall salt works is Saline Bad Reichenhall two thirds larger.The brine extracted in Berchtesgaden is refined in this salt works, which occupies an outstanding position in Germany.In addition, natural spring brine from the Reichenhall basin is used in the Bad Reichenhall salt works.The well-known Bad Reichenhall Alpine and spice salts are made from pure Alpine brine.This unique Alpine brine is still the precious raw material for our salt products today.

In addition, Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG also operates tourist facilities on the topics of salt and brine with the two visitor mines in Bad Friedrichshall and Berchtesgaden as well as the Salt Museum in the Old Salt Works in Bad Reichenhall .These popular leisure attractions are interesting, complementary testimonies to mining economic history and worthwhile excursion destinations for young and old alike.

Performance within the group


In our Salt business segment, we produce rock and vacuum salts for commercial users, industry and winter road clearance services as well as for private households.Bad Reichenhaller brand salt is the best-known salt brand in the world.



In the Waste Management business sector, we offer services for the recycling, treatment and storage of waste materials.Underground chambers in the Bad Friedrichshall and Heilbronn mines also serve as safe and climate-stable storage space for valuables and archive materials.



In the Logistics division, we support our customers in the safe transport of salt through the services of our shipping company, Reederei Schwaben GmbH.



In the Tourism Division, we maintain tourist attractions in the Berchtesgaden and Bad Friedrichshall salt mines as well as the Old Salt Works in Bad Reichenhall, which allow visitors to experience the exciting history of salt mining at first hand in an underground atmosphere.


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