500 years of active salt mining

The Berchtesgaden Salt Mine celebrates a unique birthday in 2017 with events and ambassadors

The Berchtesgaden Salt Mine, one of Germany's most important tourist attractions, is celebrating a milestone birthday in 2017.In 1517, the unique chronicle of 500 years of uninterrupted salt mining in the depths of the Bavarian Alps began.Actions and events round off the birthday concept.At the salt mine itself, during the months of July and August 2017 (every Thursday, dry weather only), dike drillers demonstrate how brine pipes were once made from tree trunks, and salt boilers and box makers showcase their traditional crafts.Guests walk along a “AnniversaryTrail” and learn more about buildings and about the 400-year history of the guild, as well as interesting facts about the 200-year existence of the Berchtesgaden-Bad Reichenhall brine pipeline.Throughout the year, theme evenings on salt-related topics such as “500 Years of Salt Mining” or “Salt and Forest” are planned underground.The highlight of the series of events is the traditional all-day mountain festival on Whit Monday, 5 June 2017.The miners' church and procession with many bands from the region, the church service in the Berchtesgaden Collegiate Church with Cardinal Marx, Archbishop of Munich and Freising, and the ceremony with a stage programme and many celebrities in the Berchtesgaden Congress House create the appropriate setting for a great birthday celebration.In Bad Reichenhall, which is celebrating another anniversary with Berchtesgaden in 2017, 200 years of the Reichenhall-Berchtesgaden brine pipeline, the Neue Saline will be holding an open day to coincide with the town festival on 01.07.2017, incorporating the 500 years of the Berchtesgaden salt mine.What would an anniversary be without its well-wishers.30 prominent personalities from the region and Munich are salt ambassadors and repeatedly address the anniversary of the salt mine with publicity in their areas.Among them were such well-known names as Minister of State Dr. Marcel Huber, Member of the State Parliament Michaela Kaniber, District Administrator Georg Grabner, Olympic champion Georg Hackl, national luge coach Norbert Loch, Hilde Graßl-Hirschbiel (former Gerg) or the extreme mountaineers Thomas and Alexander Huber (“Huber Buam”).


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