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General Terms and Conditions for the purchase or reservation of admission tickets via the online portal

In the following, the General Terms and Conditions are described for the sale or reservation of admission tickets via the Internet using the Internet site of Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG (SWS AG). A purchase of tickets online with direct payment is only possible to a maximum of 19 visitors; this ticket can be printed immediately after payment or displayed on a mobile device. For a higher number of visitors there is only the possibility of a reservation; the confirmation must then be submitted at the cash desk; after payment on the spot the valid ticket will then be issued. The following conditions apply to all deliveries and services in relation to the reservation, sale and delivery of admission tickets for the Salt Mine in Berchtesgaden (hereafter “admission ticket”).


For the visit to the Salt Mine, the General Contractual Conditions and Rules of Conduct in the Salt Mine (GRC) apply.


If the ordering party is a commercial customer (acting in a commercial or independent professional activity) supplemental conditions – only for these customers – shall apply, which are respectively referred to separately and are written in italics.


§ 1 Purchase of admission tickets

At admission tickets and reservations can be obtained for the following events:

(1)  Tickets for visiting the Salt Mine in Berchtesgaden

(2)  Combined tickets for visiting the Salt Mine in Berchtesgaden and the Old Salt Works in Bad Reichenhall (For special features see § 3).

(3)   Tickets for the dinner in the Salt Mine Berchtesgaden (For special features see § 4).


§ 2 Purchasing and reservation process for visiting the Salt Mine

Admission tickets can be purchased and reservations can be made at for visiting the Salt Mine Berchtesgaden as follows:

  1. Ordering with login (after obtaining the password and login name) for tour operators: reservation only, payment before the entrance at the cash desk of the Salt Mine or possibly against invoice (see particularly § 17).
  2. Ordering without login:
  1. Individual/group booking of 1-19 tickets: Booking and payment online with credit card, direct debit or PayPal; receipt of the admission ticket(s) as online ticket for self-printing (online ticket) or for display on a mobile device. 
  2. Ordering from 20 tickets: Booking online: Receipt and payment of the admission ticket(s) on site at the cash desk in the Salt Mine.

§ 3 Special features of the purchase and reservation for the “combined ticket”

Divergent to § 2 the following applies to combined tickets:

(1)  Combined tickets can be purchased for 1-19 persons, and reserved for 20 persons or more (like online tickets for the Salt Mine); For combined tickets the group size can, however, be no more than 25 persons, as only 25 persons can participate in each guided tour in the Old Salt Works.

(2)    The combined ticket is valid for one year for the Old Salt Works and can be redeemed within this period.

(3)    For bookings at the customer chooses a fixed date and fixed time for the Salt Mine Berchtesgaden and for the Old Salt Works, the costumer chooses no date and no time. The customer then receives a PDF with two tickets (one page for the Salt Mine Berchtesgaden and one page for the Old Salt Works Bad Reichenhall).

a) The ticket for the Salt Mine Berchtesgaden will be validated directly at the hub of the   Salt Mine on the booked date;

b) The ticket for the Old Salt Works (= “voucher” for the Old Salt Works) will be validated by the cashier in the Old Salt Works within the period of validity and the costumer will receive the valid ticket in return.


§ 4 Special features for purchasing the ticket “Dinner in the Salt Mine”

Divergent to § 2 for online tickets, the following applies to the dinner in the Salt Mine:

The purchase will be carried out as described in § 2, except that an online reservation for a specific date is not possible.


§ 5 Conclusion of contract

  1. With the offers that are bookable online, the contract is concluded upon termination of the booking dialogue on The booking dialog is ended by clicking on the “submit order”/”binding purchase” button.
  2. After the ticket order and/or reservation on, the customer also immediately receives a verification link via e-mail. After confirming this e-mail-link the customer reaches payment (up to 19 visitors). Selection of payment via Unzer. After successful payment the customer receives an immediate e-mail with his/her order data for confirmation. 


§ 6 Online ticket for self-printing/ for display on a mobile device

  1. Online tickets for self-printing or for reading on a mobile device are available if payment takes place by credit card, direct debit or by PayPal. With a number of 1-19 visitors, the online ticket is obligatory.
  2. When ordering, only the e-mail-address of the visitor will be registered, optionally the postal code and the country.
  3. Online tickets for visiting the Salt Mine can be booked anytime until not later than 30 minutes before the tour. After successful booking the ticket will be send on an e-mail-address verified by the customer via e-mail as a PDF file and can be displayed or printed. In order to display or print out PDF files, you require the free Adobe Reader. Click here to download the Adobe Reader.
  4. When ordering the online ticket, the person booking additionally receives with an e-mail

a) the online ticket again as a PDF attachment for self-printing

b) these GTC

  1. The online ticket is either to be printed out on paper in DIN A 4 format or read by a mobile device. On the ticket the admission tickets are shown, for several persons, if applicable
  2. The online ticket is transferable. 
  3. In the online ticket process, the various booking data are encoded in a data matrix code or in a barcode. In the case of misuse (e.g. attempt at prohibited multiple use of an online ticket), no valid admission ticket exists. In this case, the admission price is recalculated. Furthermore, the misuse will be filed as a criminal complaint.


§ 7 Inspection and complaint

  1. Immediately after receipt of the admission ticket or the order confirmation sent by e-mail, the customer must check this for accuracy regarding correct number of visitors, date and time. The details of the invoice or receipt must also be checked.
  2. Complaints regarding incorrect admission tickets or invoices must be asserted immediately (i.e. at the latest within two business days) after receipt of the order confirmation. The complaint must  be in writing,

a) by e-mail to,

b) by fax to +49 (0)8652 - 6002-60 or

c) by letter to Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG, Bergwerkstr. 83, 83471 Berchtesgaden.

  1. The post mark/date of the transmission record by e-mail/fax is relevant for adherence to  the complaint period. In case of questions, the customer can contact the telephone service of Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG at 08652/6002-0 (business hours Mon. – Thurs. 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Fri. 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.).

§ 8 Cancellation

  1. The online purchase of tickets for 1-19 persons is always binding. Purchased tickets can neither be cancelled nor exchanged.
  2. Group reservations may be cancelled without charge up to 5 days before the visit. Cancellations must be requested by mail to .  If the cancellation is requested less than 5 days before the booking, there will be a cancellation fee  of 20% of the booking amount.


§ 9 Payment method by credit card

  1. For orders at three payment options are offered: credit card payment, direct debit and PayPal (§ 10). Customers can pay by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Maestro) or upon collection with the usual means of payment. The credit card number, including the expiry date and CVC number, if applicable, are exclusively used by the solely participating payment agents for the purpose of payment collection and are only saved for this purpose. If the case should arise that no sufficient credit card cover exists, the order shall be invalid right from the start.
  2. After choosing “credit card” as the payment method, you will be forwarded to the Unzer payment page.
  3. The credit card payment takes place by entering the credit card number, the validity date and the CVC number, if applicable, in the corresponding entry fields of the order dialogue.


§ 10 Payment method by PayPal

  1. After choosing “PayPal” as the payment method, you will be redirected to the payment page of Unzer. There the PayPal Application opens in a separate window.
  2. You will then be prompted to enter your login data (e-mail-address and password). Then you are free to make your payment by credit card, debit card or direct debit from your PayPal account.
  3. In order to make a payment by credit card or debit card, you must have this feature activated earlier in your PayPal account . For more information on the PayPal payment system visit


§ 11 Data protection / Data security

  1. The personal order data is collected, processed and used according to the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). With the payment to, the data transfer takes place using the Secure Socket Layer encryption process (SSL process) with 256 bit. SSL is used globally by credit institutions for online banking and corresponds to the current highest security standards on the Internet.
  2. As soon as you have entered your details for the payment and clicked on the confirmation button, your details are transferred in an encrypted form. They are thus protected from external access.


§ 12 Withdrawal by Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG

  1. Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG is entitled to withdraw from the contract for good cause, particularly if force majeure or other circumstances for which Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG is not responsible make the fulfilment of the contract infeasible (e.g. technical mining measures or the existence of situations which could impair the safety of the guests).
  2. In this case, the admission price already paid will be fully refunded. Liability does not exist for further losses.

§ 13  Limitation of liability

  1. Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG shall be held liable for losses of the contractual partner caused within the context of the contractual cooperation, regardless of the legal grounds, only in cases of intent or gross negligence. 
  2. The liability exclusion/liability limitation from (1) shall not apply in the absence of characteristics that are explicitly assured. It does not apply in the case of other negligence if obligations are infringed which are essential for the fulfillment of the contract (cardinal obligations). Liability for slight negligence will at all events not exceed damage beyond what was typically foreseeable in view of the agreed contractual services.
  3. The liability exclusion/liability limitation from (1) and (2) shall not apply if Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG has compulsory liability in the case of damage to life, limb or health or for damage to privately used items under the product liability law or for other reasons.


§ 14 Miscellaneous

  1. Due to the technical peculiarities of the Internet, constant availability of all booking modules at cannot be guaranteed.

 (2) The notes during the tour will generally be provided in German. We offer our guests free audio guides. These are available in the following languages ​​: English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Slovenian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Thai.

  1. The regulations regarding cancellation and right of return of contracts concluded  outside business premises and for distance selling contracts, based on the exceptional provision of § 312g para. 2 no. 9 BGB, do not apply to purchases of tickets for leisure events, if the contract – as here – specifies the provision of  a specific date or time period.
  2. If individual clauses should be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the other clauses.
  3. The exclusive applicability of German law is agreed. The exclusive place of fulfilment for delivery, performance and payment is Berchtesgaden. If both parties are merchants, the competent courts Berchtesgaden (AG Laufen, LG Traunstein) shall have exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes from the contractual relationship directly or indirectly arising disputes.


§ 15 Enquiries/contact

  1. Please direct enquiries that relate to orders for admission tickets via to one of the addresses specified in § 7(2).

§ 16 For pure reservations from 20 persons via login, the following additionally applies

  1. The access rights assigned to the contractual partner with a password are exclusively to be used by this partner and must not be passed on to third parties. The contractual partner shall be held liable for all reservations which are carried out under the password that he has been allocated.
  2. Unless otherwise agreed, the price applicable to the group booking is to be paid by cash or EC card or credit card at the admission booth, directly prior to utilizing the service. On the basis of a special agreement, Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG will offer selected contractual partners the option of using vouchers to settle on the basis of monthly invoices. These invoices from Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG are due for payment directly after receipt, without any deductions. The contractual partner will fall into arrears if payment is not made within 30 days after the invoice date.
  3. The group size per tour amounts to between 50 and 55 persons (in the Old Salt Works up to 30 persons); the allocation will be solely the responsibility of Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG. If this number is not reached by the booked group of the contractual partner, the group may be filled up with other guests. If this is not desired, the possibility exists of booking a separate, special tour, under special conditions.
  4. With pure group reservations without online payment, Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract, if circumstances exist which justify the apprehension that the contractual partner will not be in a position to pay for the booked service; this particularly applies if insolvency proceedings have been initiated against the assets of the contractual partner.